About me…

…this is always so hard to write. Well I’m Alex and I’m currently living in a small town north of Munich in Bavaria, Germany. I’m European and a World Citizen. I love to travel and want to see so much more about the world. I speak German, English, Spanish, French and started to learn Swedish.

My passion is my knitting: It helps me to forget my mistakes, my insecurities and my perfectionism. When I knit, I’m just me with two needles and a string of yarn (or more strings…). I learned knitting in school 20 years ago and even so I have a few years without knitting in my CV I never really lost the contact to my needles. I also learned to crochet, weave, sew and so many other crafty stuff in school and I wish I had all the time, patience and money to keep them going.

This blog is about me, my love for my crafty grandmother, my crafty life and sometimes my creative struggles. This blog is a trial, I’ve never done this before but I’m curious where it will lead me!

You can also find me as ixlchen on Ravelry and strixlchen on Instagram.

All views expressed are my own and I declare no affiliation, sponsorship, nor any partnerships with any registered trademarks.