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Strawberry Fields Forever!

I’m enjoying my favorite season of the year! It is strawberry season in Germany! I love to get up in the morning and take my bicycle to drive to the strawberry fields and pick some fresh fruits while the dew is still on the green leaves. It brings back childhood memories of family outings to the fields and my dad’s favorite jokes “You may need to weigh my daughter, too to calculate the right price.” And yes I loved (and sometimes still love) to just pick the fruit and eat it right away.

So this year I’ve decided to put my favorite season in a jar and enjoy it even longer than normal. I tried my first jam making. And the jam is absolutely delicious and tastes of summer and strawberry fields.

For roughly 3-4 250ml glasses you need:

750 g strawberries

250 g preserving sugar

Some lemon juice

Optional mint leaves

I wash and cut off the green of the strawberries. Then I place the fruits in my mixer and puree them. Once everything is smooth, I place the strawberries with the sugar in a pot and add the lemon juice. I bring everything to boil and then fill it into the prepared and sterilized glasses.

If you want to add the mint leaves, I cut them finely and add them to the jam just before I fill everything into the glasses.

So, enjoy the summer!


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