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März Herzen

Do you love yourself? Are you treating yourself with kindness, no matter what you do? During the last year I learned that I put myself last, I choose the happiness of others before my happiness. And every mistake I make is a mistake too much. During the four month I’ve been unemployed I tried hard not to worry about every wrong step. It became part of my Yoga practice and I started to meditate in order to let go and to open my heart to myself. During a hand massage in February the physician told me, she can feel the creative flow but what worries her was that the part connected to my heart felt cold. She told me that I definitely need to work on loving myself more. And so I did. I made March my heart month. To be honest it was really easy to love myself in March. I just got a really awesome job offer and I felt so proud. I practiced Yoga and mindfulness every day, I relaxed a lot, I did not force myself into doing things I didn’t want to do and I put myself first during so many occasions. And I laughed, so much, so hard and so honestly I haven’t been laughing in months.

That’s why I choose to knit myself the “Piece of my Heart” socks by DKissinger in March. Knitting myself hearts into warm socks, warming the blood that is going towards my heart felt a good way of showing kindness to myself. I made them out of a bright pink in Regia 4-fädig. I loved how the hearts turned out and how the pink made my heart jump. Thus, I posted a picture of the half-finished socks on Instagram. And then I checked other “Piece of my Heart” socks. And I started laughing so hard because I made a mistake. Once I got towards being done with forming the “butt” of the heart, I thought to myself “Oh this is sooo easy, I think I got is now! No need to check the instructions now.” Well…Always read the whole instruction first, I guess XD. Instead of letting one heart flow into the next, I finished every heart before starting a new one. So I guess I actually did not knit the “Piece of my Heart” socks. I decided to call them “März Herzen” (March hearts) instead. I loved my mistake and I loved that I actually didn’t care. And that I was able to forgive myself for not being perfect.

I started to work last week. New job, new faces, everything new, everything a bit tiring and so exciting. And I realized that I’m actually still at the beginning of loving myself with all my heart. But I’m working on it and I think accepting knitting mistakes, even if it seems to be such a small step, is a step in the right direction. How do you deal with mistakes?



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