Sewing Class at Brinarina’s

I think I was spoiled when it comes to learning needlework and crafty stuff at an early age. While I was still in kindergarten I had my first little weaving loom with which I made carpets and pillows for my puppets. Then I had “Handarbeit und Werken” at school for six years. We were equipped with so many beginning skills of all different kinds of crafts. Of course I had knitting, crocheting, sewing embroidering and such. But I also learned to work with wood and clay and I cannot even remember with what else. Thus, when I participate now in a course that’s called “sewing for beginners” it’s technically a little lie. I actually learned how to sew with a sewing machine and I made a pillowcase and a duffle bag in school each with a zipper and such. But to be totally honest I have not at all practiced these skills in such a very long time. I shortened curtains for my mom and made pillowcases out of the rest of the curtains. But that was all straight line sewing and I basically just needed to know how to switch on the machine and start. So I decided to just restart my sewing brain by taking a beginners sewing class at a local fabric store called “Brinarina”.

I first stumbled over this awesome little store in Erding a small town just outside of Munich over a year ago. It is a bright little store hidden behind a sewing machine store. If you don’t know it is there you might just pass buy and never get to enjoy this little fabric heaven. As it is a small store it is not overloaded with a million of fabric choices. However from my own experience it is definitely not easy to choose from the stash they have ^^. “Brinarina” has awesome cute, funny, colorful and interesting textiles to select and it takes quite a while to do so. They also offer sewing classes, the beginner class I already mentioned and advanced classes where you learn how to sew a skirt, dress or even a Dirndl. The beginners sewing class mostly takes place on Saturday mornings from 10 to 2. You can either just use the equipment from the store or you bring your own. I decided to use the store’s equipment as everything I have is stored at my mothers and it was just a bit too much hassle for me to fetch it.

When I arrived at the store, two class members were already trying to find their perfect fabric for a little vanity bag. I was shown were to put my things and was then left alone to browse the store and look for a fabric I liked to use. Once I’ve selected my main fabric the store assistant helped me to pick out the inner lining and the zipper for my little bag. With everything prepared we just had to wait a little longer for the teacher and two other participants. Once everyone was settled in the course began. During first 45 minutes we were explained a few essential technical things. I was happy for this because it truly restarted my sewing brain and I caught myself a few times thinking “Ah right, I’ve heard that before! Good to remember!”

And then the sewing action started. We were all given the little pattern for our vanity bag and began to cut our fabrics accordingly. Then we were introduced to the sewing machines by brother (I think mine was a BROTHER Innov-is 10 A). I needed some time to adjust to the new technical advanced machine. I have to admit my sewing machine is from Lidl, we bought it 5 years ago and I’m really happy with it. But as it is older and was less expensive I need to use a little bit more effort to sew instead of pressing a few buttons. I kept searching for the little arm to lower the sewing food and I wanted to press a lever for going backwards. But these were really minor struggles and I totally adored the smooth response of the pedal. I guess that is what it feels when you drive a BMW for the first time after driving a Ford Fiesta all your life. I loved sewing this little bag and as my brain started to remember I finished the different steps quickly. I was also able to help my co-participants when they started to struggle and the teacher was busy with someone else. Within the course I even managed to sew a little utensil basket, that had the same pattern minus the zipper. When I got home, my mom saw right away that I adored the course: my self-confidence got a little push and I smiled all day long.

I like the idea of starting with this little vanity bag. It gives you many sewing basics but doesn’t take too long and the results are just too cute. The course helped me to remember what I’ve learned before. I guess I could have remembered all this by reading a book, too. Nevertheless it was good to be in the group, to have a little small talk, to have someone to show you how things work. I also liked that I got the chance to try a technical advanced sewing machine. The group size was perfect and I truly belief that I benefited from taking this class. I cannot wait until “Brinarina” publishes more classes for me to take this year. I, as a semi-new sewer, can only recommend the beginners sewing class at “Brinarina”.

You can find Brinarina here



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