With my grandma’s knitting needles

I have no idea on how to start a blog and even less on where this journey may lead me. But then the last three months have shown me that a life journey might be full of detours and planning ahead sometimes seems pretty useless. Maybe I should start this blog with explaining the title. Last autumn, I lost my grandmother. She was such a great person, brave, strong minded, loving and everything a grandchild could ask for. I miss her but it gets easier. She has been my grandmother for nearly 30 years and she has been my guarding angel all the time. I miss talking, laughing, crying, playing and struggling with her. I miss that we will never again sit on her sofa together, side by side, not speaking, just enjoying each others company.

My grandma loved my knitting. She was always surprised about what patterns I was able to do and called me a knitting artist. For her knitting and sewing was work. She had to knit socks, hats, mittens etc. for her family (her parents and her husband while still alive and her four children). So when she discovered that I loved knitting and that I kept improving and experiencing, she truly admired everything I was doing. When I tried to knit socks and failed at the heel, she sat next to me a whole afternoon and showed me sock knitting from start to end. I still have my very first really unshaped sock. Since then I’ve been knitting so many socks with this heel and I taught her heel to friends and friends’ parents when they struggled with heel knitting. Every time I knit now, I feel her hand is guiding me and I hope she sits with her whole family on top of a cloud and tells them how proud I made her with my knitting skills. And every time I pick up my knitting now, I hear her asking me with a smile on her face: “Are you knitting again?”

I love you forever Oma Zustorf! You will stay in my heart and with this blog I want to celebrate you, your life and my knitting genes!


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